A Forward-thinking Cardano Rewards Token

XOADA is a Cardano (ADA) rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain

By holding XOADA, holders passively and automatically earn ADA


XOADA’s marketing strategy is it’s transparency, it’s fairness, and it’s simplicity. Lead by a professional team of developers, XOADA is a high-tech rewards token, matching the current standard, and bringing forth a new look. By taking advantage of the current bull run that ADA is currently going through, XOADA, is aimed to capitalize on that through intelligent marketing.

XOADA also challenges the current issue with whales, by implementing a max transaction rate set at 2% of the total supply, and a max wallet size of 4% ensuring that everyone has a fair share of XOADA.

XOADA does not want to rug pull, so XOADA has locked liquidity, and a contract that is safe.

Just hold XOADA, and earn ADA while your token goes up as others join in on the reward hype.

XOADA - Rewards are only the beginning



Total Supply 100,000,000,000

There is a 16% total fee applied to each XOADA transaction.
This is broken down as follows:

7% is swapped to Binance-Peg ADA, sent to holders at amounts relative to their XOADA holdings

5% is sent to the liquidity pool (originally 3%, but adjusted to address liquidity pool growth rate concerns

4% is sent to the developer marketing wallet


Innovating what a reflection token can be



Jacob Fast


Jacob is solidity developer and founder of the FDASHO company. Inspired by his background in visual art, Jacob seeks to merge crypto with other mediums of art and entertainment - turning a token into so much more than just that. In his free time, he likes to create visual art. 




Nico is also a solidity developer and co-founder of FDASHO. His focus is often on making things happen behind the scenes, but also in engagement with the community. In his free time he likes to play the guitar.


• Launch Token
• Lock Liquidity
• CMS Trending
• Website
• Twitter Promoter
• CoinVote Trending
• Telegram Calls
• Raids and shilling


• AMAs
• Coingecko Listing
• Twitter Promoters

• Trending on

Coinsniper, Coinvote

and more
• CMS Trending Max


• Twitch/YouTube

• Instagram, Tik Tok

• Poocoin Ads
• 4chan Ads
• CoinMarketCap Listing
• Logo Contest, Revamping

and NFT launch


• Billboards
• Collaboration with

The Weeknd
• Digital Music Festival

Presented by XOADA 
• “Lootbox” Token on ADA




V1: Have a Metamask (Trust Wallet/any other BSC-compatible wallet will work too) account with BNB in it. 
If you do not know how to connect your Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain, click here: 

V2: Now that your Metamask is connected to the Binance Smart Chain, head over to XOADA on Poocoin here: 

Select “Trade”, and input how much BNB you would like to swap for XOADA. Select “Swap” and approve the Metamask popups. After the swap is approved, you should have XOADA in your wallet. 

V3: Make sure to add the XOADA contract to your wallet, as well as the ADA contract, so they appear.

XOADA contract:


ADA contract:



You can add these contracts by selecting “Add Token” in your Metamask. 

V4: If your ADA rewards are not appearing, try to sell one single token of XOADA.

This should trigger your accumulated rewards to appear. 

Welcome to the XOADA community!

How to buy